Welcome to Lappeenranta – an International University and Tourism City

Lappeenranta is known as the International University City in Finland. We are also the Commercial Center of South-East Finland and the meeting point of the EU and Russia appr. 200 km away from both Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Location on the southern shore of the lake Saimaa makes us the regions’ centre for tourism. Thus we also have an on-competition with Helsinki for the title of the largest city in Finland based on Tax Free sales. 

Lappeenranta is a home for approximately 72 400 smiling residents. Our big small city has a sociable atmosphere, plenty of versatile opportunities for work and education especially due to Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and a variety of culture and sports around the year. You never grow bored by the Lake Saimaa!

Our old spa and tar town was founded by Queen Kristiina of Sweden in 1649. Take your time to see the historical old town of Lappeenranta. Here you can find museums, Finland’s oldest Orthodox Church, Finnish handicrafts and a lovely old fashioned café Majurska and other local restaurants offering your local culinary experiences. The upper town is a combination of old wooden architecture from the 17th century and modern office and shopping complexes.

The picturesque harbor you can take a cruise to the Lake Saimaa archipelago, the historic Saimaa Canal, or travel visa-free to Vyborg and St. Petersburg Russia. There is always music playing at the harbor and couple of cozy boat restaurants to relax at.

More information about the city’s tourist services is available from our VisitLappeenranta pages.

Lappeenranta has around 13 000 students. Both the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences offer degree programmes in English. LUT has a formidable reputation in renewable energy solutions. The core strengths of LUT and the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences also include knowledge of Russian trade and culture. The city guarantees housing to all new third-level students. More information is available from our educational services pages.

We are in the process of turning the Green Campus into Green City via various environment programs. We also have the world’s first biodiesel plant under construction here in Lappeenranta.

Lappeenranta’s excellent logistics location promotes successful business operations. Diverse logistics and free zone services provide a stable and safe working environment for domestic and international companies. Our companies are well diversified and skilled in international and specialized in Russian business. Advanced corporate and investment services make it easy to transfer business operations to Lappeenranta. The city guarantees building sites to entrepreneurs, and also to private home builders. More information about the city’s corporate services is available from Lappeenranta Business Innovaitons pages.

Lappeenranta is easy to reach – not only in Finland but also from Europe and Russia. Ryanair flies to Lappeenranta International Airport from Milan and Düsseldorf in just three hours, and from Barcelona in approximately four hours. It is also convenient to hop on a train east- or westward from Lappeenranta if you ever wish to leave our shores.

Good to have you here!