Valitse taso

Goodbye Lappeenranta; you are amazing

Lappeenranta, the time has come, the time that I have to leave you and go back to Holland. I feel sad that I have to leave but I’m indescribably happy with the memories I will take with me forever.

You made me independent, made me push boundaries, motivated me and made me happy.

Kiitos Lappeenranta for your overdose of snow, frozen lake, frozen hair, frozen lashes, frozen toes and much more frozen things. I will never forget watching the northern lights when I was almost frozen, walking through the magical forest watching the tree tops covered by a big package of snow… from now off I can survive every winter without any problems in Holland.

Kiitos Lappeenranta for your warm Spring when the nights arrives late, kiitos for the beautiful sunsets, the cozy campfires, the singing birds and kiitos for the possibility of swimming in the most beautiful lake I have ever seen.

Kiitos to all my amazing friends I made during these four months. Without them this experience would not have been so amazing. You guys made me smile, laugh and try many new things. We shared much, danced together, watched sunsets and partied like every party was the last one. Now we share the best memories and that is what will always keep us connected, and Facebook.

Lappeenranta, Finland; you are amazing

Thanks to my friendly and kind colleagues at the City Hall for making me feel comfortable at work and of course my special thanks, kiitos, gracias, merci, danke, dankjewel to Mirka.
Thank you for your hospitality, the opportunity’s you gave me to develop myself and for being an inspiration for me. It is amazing to see how someone can be so passionate and creative in her job.

I travelled to Stockholm and Russia several times, did the most amazing activities; these memories will stay with me forever and changed me to who I am now. Finland is an amazing place, I didn’t know what I could expect when I made the decision to go to Finland and now, the four best months of my life later I haven’t regretted anything about my choice.

It is time to start packing my suitcases now. Nothing fits and it’s horrible. I arrived with one suitcase, now, four months later; I’m leaving with three suitcases. Thank god I don’t need a suitcase for my memories otherwise it would be a very expensive travel back home.

See you Lappeenranta. Because 1 thing is sure, one day I will come back.


p.s No kiitos to the mosquitos. 
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Yvette Daijer