Free plots

The City of Lappeenranta owns plots suitable for the construction of new residential buildings. It either leases or sells these to its inhabitants. Plots are handed out according to a reservation procedure where the possession of a plot is transferred to the developer or builder of the building. The actual sale or lease agreement is made when construction on the plot begins – in other words, when the building's foundations have been laid.

Different kinds of residential buildings can be built on the plots. However, the permitted building type is specified in the local detailed plan using the codes AK, AP, AR and AO. These markings indicate the largest permitted building area, the number of floors and the floor area.

Plots for the independent construction of detached houses and small terraced houses are either sold or leased out. Some plots may be sold after competitive bidding.

On a yearly basis, the city allocates plots for single-family houses that are fit for construction (or plots that become fit for construction in the following year) based on an application procedure announced in forums such as the print media and online. Plots that have not been reserved after the first application round are allocated on the basis of an ongoing application process:
• rental plots every week and
• plots that are only for sale once in each calendar month.
If several applicants request the same plot during a single application round, the related decision may be made using the following criteria:
• the applicant's need for housing
• the location of workplaces and the children's schools
• family size
• the size, quality and condition of the current residence
• the applicants' health-related reasons and
• the city's business policy.

If a residential area already attracts substantial interest in advance, some plots may be raffled between applicants.
An applicant who builds single-family houses for sale or has received a plot from the city during the last ten years may only receive a plot through the ongoing application procedure if no other applicants have requested the same plot. The 10-year rule does not apply to shareholders in terraced housing companies.

Applications for free, unbuilt plots can be submitted online or by delivering a printed application or bid to the Customer Service Centre Winkki.

See the General terms for plot reservation application.