Internet access and using computers in the Library

Library customers have free of charge access to computers with Internet connections. There are computers for both adults and children in the main library and side libraries. Computers can be reserved in advance for 1-3 hours, or they can be used for up to 30 minutes without reservation.


Reservations for computer use can be made on the library homepage choose English, or by phone 05 616 2951. To make a reservation and to log in the customer needs a library card and password. In case of late arrival for a reserved computer, the reservation is automatically cancelled. If you do not use the computer, please make sure to cancel your reservation.


B/W printing is possible at 0,20 euros per page.

Use of memory devices

Computers have a writeable CD/DVD drive and USB-device. Library is not responsible for possible damage to disks or USB- device.


In the main library there is one scanner for customer use.

Wireless internet network

Wireless Internet access is available at the main city library and at the the Joutseno, Sammonlahti, Lauritsala and Korvenkyl√§ libraries. The service is free to use, and requires a computer with a WLAN network adapter card. The WLAN network is called SaitaOpen. No username is required.


When you log off the Internet, please empty the cache memory and page history.