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Welcome to the online library of the Heili Libraries!

You can enter search words in the search field at the top of the page, or use the advanced search. You can restrict your search by library, media type or year of publication, for example.

You can do the following without signing in:
- browse the material database
- check if a work is in the library or on loan
- check the number of people in the reservation queue

When you sign in with your library card number (e.g. heili010000000) and PIN code, you can do the following:
- see your loans, reservations and charges
- renew your loans if no one has reserved them
- reserve materials and cancel your reservations
- update your personal information
- save materials in your bookshelf for your session
- change your PIN code

By creating a user name, you can
- write reviews for books, movies or albums and recommend them to your friends
- save materials in your bookshelf

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