Immigrant education

The emphasis is on teaching reading and writing skills

Preparatory education for basic school is available to those immigrant children with poor Finnish language skills and no prerequisite to follow teaching in the Finnish language. Such students are directed to take a language test.

During the preparatory education each student gets a personal study plan to learn the Finnish language and thus to allow integration into a Finnish school. The emphasis is on teaching reading and writing skills and skills that support coping with everyday situations and individual development. The preparatory education includes a minimum of 450 hours of instruction for 6-to-10 year olds, and 500 hours to older children.

After this preparatory education, the student is transferred to a school in his/her residencial area. If the Finnish language skills are not equivalent to child’s native language, the student will study Finnish as a second language. Each student gets a personal study plan until their skills in the Finnish language equal those of their native language.

Registration forms are sent to the guardians of immigrant children in autumn. Inadequate Finnish language skills are taken into account in grading immigrant students. Students are also entitled to a written evaluation in certificate.