School health care

Team work

The purpose of school health care is to attend to the health care of students and to supervise a healthy school environment. Our aim is to help students to adopt healthy ways of living and to develop healthy self-esteem.

School nurse

The school doctor is primarily responsible for physical examinations on the recommendation of the school nurse. In case of injuries and illnesses, the student should make an appointment with his/her own family doctor.

School psychologists

School psychologists attend to psychological evaluations, offer counselling for parents and teachers and, when necessary, direct the child to further evaluation and care.
At the moment the work is focused on grades 1-6. For grades 7-9, evaluations are made to determine learning disabilities. In such cases, the upper level school curator directs students to proper care.

School curators

The school curator is the school’s social worker whose work focuses on the upper level students. The school curator helps and assists students and their guardians with learning disabilities, family issues, mental health, social adjustment, substance abuse or problems with peers.