Being an exchange student in Kimpinen Upper Secondary School

In Kimpinen Upper Secondary School , as in other upper secondary schools, the school year has been divided into five periods. After each period students get a report. Before the next period starts, the students have to choose the courses for the next period.
The upper secondary school is course-based. The study groups consist of the students who have chosen that particular course.

Kimpinen Upper Secondary School offers exchange students three Finnish language courses. These courses are taught during the first three periods. The Finnish language teacher works also as a supervisor for the foreign students. The teacher assists in choosing the courses and helps if any problems should arise.

The school recommends starting with the courses that are not based on language skills, such as art, physical education and music. In some courses, for example in psychology, biology, physics and mathematics, exchange students can use an English course book. If an exchange student wants to study mathematics according to his own school’s curriculum, the school recommends the student to use his own course books.

There are no cooking courses available in the upper secondary school, but exchange students can participate in cooking lessons together with secondary school students. The previous exchange students have enjoyed the cooking courses.

Every year, in mid-February, the senior students in our school finish their studies and start their one-month studying break for the Finnish matriculation examination. On their last day at school, on Thursday, the senior students arrange a special celebration for the whole school. The next day, on Friday, the second-year students become senior students and they celebrate it by organizing a senior ball, or a prom. Before the prom, the students have participated in a special dance course. At the prom, they perform in beautiful dresses and handsome suits to other students and their own families both at the town sports hall, and later at school.

Exchange students, as well as the other students, get a free school lunch daily.