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Programme of Lappeenranta Ballet Gala 2018 supplemented with Estonian, Korean and Portuguese star dancers as well as top prospects from Finland and Italy

The programme of Lappeenranta Ballet Gala, to be held on 24–25 August, is now complete. The ensemble of classical and somewhat more modern elements was supplemented with Estonian, Korean and Portuguese star dancers as well as top prospects from Finland and Italy.

Chapeau©IntrodansHansGerritsen (1)_370x246.jpgThe main guest presented at the delightful Ballet Gala on the big stage of the Lappeenranta City Theatre will be Introdans from the Netherlands. According to Juhani Teräsvuori, Artistic Director of the Ballet Gala, the thrilling duet of the legendary Hans van Manen from the choreography Black Cake is full of cheerfully dramatic, festive atmosphere.

“Choreography master Jiří Kylián pays tribute and dedicates the piece Chapeau to the Queen of the Netherlands and Dutch art of dance. The work features about twenty perfect copies from the hat collection of Queen Beatrix. The music is by Prince, among others. Chapeau will now be presented for the first time in the Nordic countries.”

Introdans Malasangre (002)_370x246.jpg“The younger generation of choreography wizards is represented by the Spanish Cayetano Soto. Introdans’ second routine, Malasangre, will fill the stage with passionately pulsating Latin rhythms.”

The Ballet Gala will include close neighbour guests as the charming Alena Shkatula from the Estonian National Ballet and her partner Ivan Popov, a principal dancer of Brno Ballet, arrive to perform beloved duets of classical ballet.

“Shkatula and Popov will enchant in the tender Adagio from the second act of Swan Lake and the Grand Pas de Deux number of The Nutcracker. They will be led to this number by the students of the Lappeenranta Dance School performing the Waltz of the Flowers”, Teräsvuori says.

The grandeur of classical ballet will be continued by the stars of the Korean Universal Ballet, Hyang-gee Hong and Konstantin Novoselov. They will perform the demanding Grand Pas de Deux from the third act of the ballet Don Quixote and the enchanting moonlight duet from the ballet Shim Chung based on Korean folklore.

The star dancers of the National Ballet of Portugal, Filipa de Castro and Carlos Pinillos, will evoke modern Latin beats in their flamenco number as they arrive to the Ballet Gala.

“The pair will introduce somewhat different modern rhythms to us through Maurice Causey’s piece Clap! Clap!. Filipa and Carlos are familiar faces from previous years. They are charismatic and brilliant performers who are constantly touring gala shows around the world.”

The big stage of the City Theatre will also present Finnish talent as top prospect Kira Hilli performs a variation of Alberto Alonso’s choreography Carmen Suite. According to Juhani Teräsvuori, Hilli is on her way to success.

“Many renowned ballet groups have shown interest in the young, super talented dancer. She is about to graduate from the Munich Ballet Academy and has already been given a contract with the Dutch National Ballet for next season.”

One of the young prospects of Italy will also be seen in Lappeenranta in August thanks to the Ballet Gala as the future winner of the Verona ballet competition arrives at the event. The winner of the competition will be selected after May Day.

Photos: Introdans. Hans Gerritsen.

For further information, please contact:

NordicDance Makers Oy:
Juhani Teräsvuori, Artistic Director, tel. +358 400 417 795

Irma Salomaa-Teräsvuori, Producer, tel. +358 50 594 1859

Tickets and programme: http://www.lappeenranta.fi/fi/Palvelut/Tapahtumat/Balettigaala