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The Czech National Ballet Company to star as the main guest of the Lappeenranta Ballet Gala

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Additions to the programme of the Lappeenranta Ballet Gala The Czech National Ballet Company will be the main guest star as the Ballet Gala celebrates its 10th anniversary. The Ballet Gala will take the main stage of the Lappeenranta City Theatre on Friday 30 August starting at 7 p.m., and on Saturday 31 August from 2 p.m.

The Czech National Ballet company will perform the intense duet Vertigo choreographed by Mauro Bigonzetti and Katarzyna Kozielska’s elegant choreography Aspects that delicately reflects the Slavic mindscape.

The Artistic Director of the Ballet Gala, Juhani Teräsvuori explains that Brno Ballet that was originally scheduled to perform at the Ballet Gala has had to cancel their appearance at the event.

DIV_8565_498x332.jpg“Instead of Brno, we will have the chance to admire the fantastic dancers from Prague, the Czech capital. With its exciting and ambitious programme, the Czech National Ballet Company is ranked among the top ballet companies in Europe. The company has performed in Lappeenranta before, which makes it an excellent guest star at the tenth anniversary of the Ballet Gala. It is truly a pleasure to see this magnificent company to return to Lappeenranta.

Virtuoso male dancers and Finnish stars with international careers

Virtuoso male dancers will star at the Lappeenranta Ballet Gala this year. Teräsvuori is particularly looking forward to the performance of the Russian dancer Daniil Simkin.

Tsekin kansallisbaletti, vertigo, rajattu_340x502.jpg“Real superstars will be performing at the gala. Simkin is a fantastic dancer and exceptionally gifted. The audience will also be treated to the performances of the multi-talent Derek Dunn from the Boston Ballet and exceptionally expressive Marijin Rademaker whose career with the Dutch National Ballet has been unparalleled.

Another star from the Boston Ballet is Lasha Khozashvili, a dancer who combines Georgian temperament and masterly command of classical ballet.

Khozashvili will be pairing up with one of the favourites, of the Finnish audience, Maria Baranova, who will leave the Boston Ballet to take up the role of principal dancer at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich. At the Ballet Gala, the repertoire of Khozashvili and Baranova will feature the wild duet of the classic ballet Le Corsaire and the delicate Adagio by Boston’s Finnish choreographer Jorma Elo.

Baranova will not be the only Finnish star dancer of the Ballet Gala. Elina Miettinen, first Finnish dancer with the American Ballet Theater, performs the world premiere of Ghost choreographed by Jorma Elo.

Young talents will also be seen on the main stage of the City Theatre. Swiss Amélie Demont and Italian Duccio Tariello from the Dortmund Ballet will perform the delightful duet Black Swan.

“The choreography is by Marco Goecke. The music will naturally be Tchaikovsky’s, but this interpretation of the duet of the Black Swan will be something completely different,” Juhani Teräsvuori states.

Six dancers will be presenting the Latvian Ballet in Lappeenranta. The ballet company will performs Elza Leimane’s choreography Images of Presence.

“On earlier years, the star dancer Elza Leimane has charmed the Ballet Gala audiences with her charisma and technical skills. This time she takes up a new role as a choreographer,” Teräsvuori explains.

Photos: The Czech National Ballet company. Photographer: Martin Divíšek.

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