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TV-Series Bordertown

Lappeenranta is the bordertown.


Bordertown is an original prime time series of 12 x 1h set in a bordertown of Lappeenranta between Finland and Russia. This Scandinavian crime fiction combines family drama with police procedural in a uniquely exotic setting.

Detective Inspector Kari Sorjonen is one of the most respected officers at the National Bureau of Investigation in Finland. When his wife barely survives brain cancer, Sorjonen decides to take his family to an idyllic small town near the border of Russia, to live a quiet peaceful life.

But how peaceful is life on the border between two worlds?

Two worlds meet in the Lappeenranta border region.

A new crime series tells the story of top National Bureau of Investigation investigator Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen), whose wife Pauliina (Matleena Kuusniemi) is recovering from a serious illness. The family – Kari, Pauliina and their teenage daughter, Janina (Olivia Ainali) – decides to move to Pauliina's childhood landscape, a small border town in Eastern Finland. In Lappeenranta, Sorjonen accepts a position in the local Serious Crime Unit to get the family off to a new start, enable it to spend more time together, and to give Kari milder crimes to solve. However, the crimes committed in the idyllic border region have a greater emotional and personal impact than anything he has encountered before. The related threats soon turn up on Kari's doorstep.

Sorjonen, as Bordertown is known in Finnish, also follows how two families adapt to their new home region: In addition to the Sorjonens, the Jaakkolas – Lena Jaakkola (Anu Sinisalo) and her teenage daughter Katia (Lenita Susi) – move across the border to Lappeenranta after enduring hard times.

Other roles are played by the following actors: Ilkka Villi, Kristiina Halttu, Mikko Leppilampi, Janne Virtanen, Laura Malmivaara, Niina Nurminen, Jaakko Saariluoma and Sampo Sarkola.

Lappeenranta offers a natural setting for an idyllic border town whose inhabitants live and work passionately within the world of the series. The series acquaints viewers with the Saimaa waterways and the many faces of the university and tourist city of Lappeenranta.

The first season of Sorjonen includes 11 hour-long episodes and 5 crimes: 1. A Doll's House, 2. Dragonflies, 3. Fury, 4. The Woman in the Lake and 5. End Game. The second season of Sorjonen is currently under planning.

Sorjonen is being shown on Sunday nights, starting at 21.05 on Yle TV1 from 16 October 2016. All episodes can be watched on Yle Areena from 21.05 on 16 October.


An idyllic bordertown setting for the international markets

On the international markets, the crime series has been described as Finland’s first Nordic noir series. Its dark homicides take place on bright summer days in Eastern Finland, in the idyllic town of Lappeenranta and on the other side of the border in St. Petersburg.

On the international markets, Sorjonen is known as Bordertown. The crime series featured prominently at the MipTV festival in Cannes in April 2016. Federation Entertainment, the French international distributor and co-producer of the series, is pleased with sales. Sorjonen will be screened on channels such as SKY Deutschland in Germany and CanalPlay in France. It will also be shown in English-speaking countries.

The crime drama was directed by Miikko Oikkonen, Jyri Kähönen and Juuso Syrjä, and was written by Miikko Oikkonen, Atro Lahtela, Matti Laine and Antti Pesonen. Matti Halonen and Leila Lyytikäinen of Fisher King Production produced the series for Yle.

Sorjonen was shot last August in Lappeenranta, Finland.

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