Processing of information in the chat service of the City of Lappeenranta

This document describes how the information that a customer has entered into the chat window on the,, or website and sent a message is processed in the chat service of the City of Lappeenranta.

How can I use the chat service?

The chat service provides quick instructions for finding the right service channel or seeking information. The chat service provides advice and guidance on general issues. The chat is anonymous. Please do not enter your personal information in the chat window. If necessary, we may ask you to contact us either by phone or to visit us on-site at the Customer Service Centre Winkki so that we can serve you more personally.

Our response is based only on the information that you have provided in the chat conversation. If you use the response later, please note that the response is based on response time legislation and legal usage. You cannot obtain an administrative decision on your issue, but only guidance on how to deal with your issue and for seeking information.

Who responds to the chat messages?

A member of a team compiled of experts from each field responds to the contacts received through the chat. The chat service window is only available on some websites, and only when an expert can be reached via the chat service.

The messages sent through the chat service and the conversation thread are only stored in the chat system while the conversation is ongoing. For the duration of the conversation, the system stores the customer’s website address at the time of the conversation and the browsing history that occurs during the conversation. The chat message thread is deleted immediately after the conversation.

Technical implementation

The City of Lappeenranta uses a chat information system provided by a third party, Kommeet Ltd, in whose service the temporary storage mentioned above takes place. The technical provider of the system does not participate in the implementation of the chat service in any other role than that of a technical service provider.

Further details:
For more information about the operation of the chat service, please contact the Customer Service Centre Winkki,