Art collections

Aivazovski. Maisema Konstantinopolista 1860.

What are the Art Museum’s collections made of? The works of art in the Lappeenranta Art Museum have come to the museum from many different sources, which is why the whole consist of many separate sub-collections. At the moment, the art collections of the Museums of Lappeenranta contain a total of about 3,700 works. The majority of the works belong to the Lappeenranta Art Museum’s own collection. It is annually increased through donations and purchases made within the budget. Purchases for the collection focus on contemporary art from South-Eastern Finland.

Works are acquired directly from artists, private individuals, communities or exhibitions. Larger numbers of works have been received as donated collections. These include Pertti Ala-Outinen’s collection, Kaino and Jussi Komonen’s estate collection and Tuomas von Boehm’s estate collection.

The works in the Hospital and Sheltered Home Art Lending Library collection are part of the Lappeenranta Art Museum’s collection. The works have been deposited in the South Karelia Central Hospital and, in future, also in a few sheltered homes in South-Eastern Finland. The Hospital and Sheltered Home Art Lending Library collection activities are part of Lappeenranta Art Museum’s regional activities, implemented in cooperation with the Southeast Art (Kaakon taide) organisation.

The City of Lappeenranta’s art collection is also a separate collection. Works from this collection have been placed outside museums in public spaces around the city. When Joutseno was merged with Lappeenranta in 2009, the municipal consolidation resulted in the Joutseno collection.

The art collections of the Museums of Lappeenranta also contain works of art that belong to the larger Viipuri-related collections deposited in the South Karelia Museum. An example of such a collection is the Viipuri Foundation’s collection.

Besides the works owned by Museums of Lappeenranta, the museum manages deposit collections owned by various associations and foundations. Their ownership is retained by the depositor. Many collections deposited to the Lappeenranta Art Museum reflect the Museums of Lappeenranta’s special national responsibility for visual arts from the Karelian Isthmus and the Viipuri region. Many depositors have a historical connection with Viipuri and the Karelian Isthmus. Key deposit collections are owned by the Viipuri Friends of Art Association (Viipurin Taiteenystävät ry), Pamaus Society for Industrialists and Businessmen (Teollisuuden- ja liikkeenharjoittajain Seura Pamaus ry), Foundation for Karelian Culture (Karjalaisen Kulttuurin Edistämissäätiö sr), William and Ester Otsakorpi Foundation (William ja Ester Otsakorven säätiö sr) and Onni and Helmi Karttunen Foundation (Onni ja Helmi Karttusen säätiö sr).

Collections available online

Museum of Lappeenranta has published its own Finna view. It allows you to explore the museum’s digital collection material online. The aim is to publish more of the museum’s most important and popular collection material in Finna to improve its accessibility going forward. Finna is a joint user interface of Finnish museums, archives and libraries. It allows you to search and view digital material from museums, archives and libraries.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to changing the collections management system, the majority of the art collection is currently unavailable in Finna.

Please email any enquiries related to the art collections to museot(at)lappeenranta.fi.