Audience engagement

Opas ja kuulijoita kummituskierroksella Majurskan talon edessä.

Kristiina Pesola. "Death and ghosts in the Lappeenranta fortress" guided tour in autumn 2022.

Thousands of visitors visit the Museums of Lappeenranta every year – we look forward to seeing you!

Museum Friday

Museum Friday offers free admission on the first Friday of each winter-season month from September to May to the following three museum sites: the South Karelia Museum, the Lappeenranta Art Museum and the Cavalry Museum.

Tours in Wolkoff House Museum

The hourly public guided tours at the Wolkoff House Museum are reserved for individual museum visitors, so please remember to agree on any group visit separately well in advance. Groups of day-care children, schoolchildren or students are welcome to visit Wolkoff’s before the museum opens. The tour is provided in Finnish.

Guided services and booking instructions

You can book a guided tour or a workshop according to your group's needs.

Additional information and reservations:

Museum assistant Tuija Parjanen-Saborit: 040 661 2117, or museum administration 040 587 2274,

Schools and day-care

When you come to visit us with a group of children, please let us know in advance. Your group visit is free of charge. Any planning visit is also free for teachers and instructors. 

You can visit the museums with a group of children or students also outside the opening hours on weekday mornings.

Please remember that all group visits must be agreed upon in advance: Museum assistant Tuija Parjanen-Saborit: 040 661 2117,

Or museum administration: 040 587 2274,

Code of behaviour?

Depending on the museum, please put your outdoor clothes and backpacks on the coat rack or in a storage locker. Also, remember appropriate behaviour in a museum: It is important to behave in a calm manner and share your museum experience by speaking quietly and respecting other museum visitors. Look, but do not touch. This way, the artefacts and works of art in our collections remain intact also for future generations to explore and admire.

Exhibition Games in the Cavalry Museum

The Horse Quiz

A playful and short quiz about the best friend of the calvalry soldier: a horse. The quiz is for every museum visitor of any age. Only the true horse fan – or the person who has enough luck on their sleeve – can get all of the answers right. You can find the quiz near the museum shop on the side of a shelf or you can ask help from the staff. You can participate in the quiz with your own smart device through a QR-code.


In Hoofprints – Seeking Pictures and Letters

A photo hunt that can be done independently by, for example, a child and their guardian. Participants are seeking items with the help of photos in the halls of the Cavalry Museum. In the end they will solve a mystery sentence that will lead to a surprise. Ask about the photo hunt from the museum's ticket counter.


Online material

The Museums of Lappeenranta in Finna

Discover the collection material of the South Karelia Museum, the Lappeenranta Art Museum and the local regional museums in the Museums of Lappeenranta’s Finna image collection service.