Basic art education in Lappeenranta

Basic art education is instruction in the arts provided in local, private art schools. It is part of the Finnish education system. Goal-oriented and tied to the national curriculum, it is taught by trained professionals in the field.

There are six different arts to choose from in Lappeenranta: visual arts, crafts, music, theatre, circus and dance. You can apply for basic art education to have a goal-oriented hobby at a low threshold without any age limit. Early childhood education in arts is provided in educational institutions for children under school age.

In basic art education, a child or young person can focus on the field of art of their interest in a motivating atmosphere with like-minded friends and learn perseverance, thinking skills and creativity. It helps children to grow up to become adults with good social and cultural capital and important skills for working life going forward.

Basic art education is provided according to the general (500 hours) and extended (1,300 hours) syllabus. The education is based on the national core curriculum by the Finnish National Board of Education on 20 September 2017.

Private art schools in Lappeenranta

Lappeenrannan kuvataidekoulu (visual arts), https://lprkuvataidekoulu.fi 

Lappeenrannan Musiikkiopisto (music), https://www.lprmo.fi

Lappeenrannan Tanssiopisto (dance), https://www.lprmo.fi

Taito Etelä-Suomen käsityö- ja muotoilukoulu (crafts), https://www.taitoetelasuomi.fi/kasityo-ja-muotoilukoulu

Taidekoulu Estradi (circus, music and theatre), https://www.taidekouluestradi.fi

Musiikkikoulu Musika (music), http://www.musika.fi