In Lappeenranta, the Daisy system is used for electronic marking of care needs.

Deployment takes place by downloading the DaisyFamily app from the Android or iPhone app store.

If the monthly need for care is exceeded, this will be automatically invoiced according to the actual hour limit. If you want to ensure that the agreed hour limit is sufficient for the whole month, you should allow time for unexpected changes, for example 2 h, when doing the scheduling.

  • Excess of less than 1 hour will not be invoiced (59-minute “safety period”).
  • If the excess is repeated 2 times in a row, the hour limit will be changed to the hour limit used.
  • Like before, the hour limit used by the child cannot be changed more often than once every 3 months (without a justified reason).

A scheduled care day is counted in the child’s monthly hours, even if the child does not attend. The scheduled and actual care hours for each day are compared with each other, and the higher of these is counted as hours spent towards the hour limit.

  • For example, scheduled 6 h, child present 7 h 12 min, hours counted 7 h 12 min.
  • For example, scheduled 7 h, child present 6 h 30 min, hours counted 7 h.
  • If the child’s absence is reported when the day has already been locked, the hours scheduled for that day are counted as hours spent towards the hour limit and are included in the monthly care hours.

The child’s care hour counter will show you detailed information about the hours spent and indicate any excess in the scheduling calendar.


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