Finnish or Swedish as a second language in general upper secondary schools

You can also receive education in Finnish as a second language, i.e. S2 education, in general upper secondary schools. You can choose the Finnish as a second language and literature syllabus if your native language is not Finnish, Swedish or Sami. The S2 syllabus is appropriate if your basic Finnish language skills are lacking in any area. In this case, your Finnish language proficiency does not give you sufficient prerequisites to study the Finnish language and literature syllabus.

The starting point for the S2 syllabus is the learning situation of the second-language student: you learn Finnish in a Finnish-speaking environment, and you gradually develop versatile Finnish language skills alongside the languages you have learned in the past. The objectives and contents of the general upper secondary school S2 syllabus are based on mastery of the Finnish language basics acquired in basic education or elsewhere. The central objective of the Finnish as a second language and literature education is to achieve the Finnish language skills and knowledge of the Finnish culture that a student will need in further studies and working life.

The Swedish as a second language and literature syllabus cannot be completed in Lappeenranta because the language of instruction in the city’s general upper secondary schools is Finnish.

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Contact the guidance counsellor at your upper secondary school. They will give you more information about completing the S2 syllabus and its impact on applying for further studies. The contact details of the guidance counsellors can be found in Wilma.

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The service is free of charge.