Fitness trails

Lappeenranta’s diverse nature and various sports facilities offer excellent opportunities for hiking and outdoor recreation. In summer, head for the forest. Take a break at a campfire place. Explore the nature trails and illuminated fitness trails or try your hand at orienteering.

There are illuminated fitness trails in Ahvenlampi, Huhtiniemi, Karhuvuori, Kasukkala, Kisapuisto, Korkea-aho, Korvenkylä, Lauritsala, Leppälä, Mattila, Myllymäki, Nuijamaa, Nyrhilä, Pappilanniemi, Simola, Vainikkala, Vilkjärvi, Voisalmi and Ylämaa and at the airport and the Army Academy.

In winter, the fitness trails are groomed into ski trails. The Kimpinen and Hovinpelto fitness trails are not maintained in winter; they serve as winter trails available to all, for example for walks and dog walking. Another winter trail about a metre wide starts at the Joutseno Sports Centre.

The details of each fitness trail are indicated on the service location’s page.

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