Lappeenranta aims to be a creator of a good living and operating environment for its residents, service users, and communities, as well as a reliable partner. The prerequisites for trust are openness, transparency, and credibility. Trust is strengthened by the activity, participation, and commitment of residents and other stakeholders, as well as the quality and availability of services.

Principles of participation

The principles of participation in Lappeenranta are as follows:

  1. ·       Participation and interaction are part of all city operations.
  2. ·       Participation is implemented as part of the city's open governance.
  3. ·       Participation is carried out on an equal basis.
  4. ·       Measures to strengthen participation are continuously developed, taking into account changes in the operating environment.

Welcome to explore the area council activities!

Lappeenranta has 8 area councils: 

  • Southern Area Council
  • Joutseno Area Council
  • Central Area Council
  • Lappee Area Council
  • Lauritsala Area Council
  • Western Area Council
  • Northern Area Council

Each year, the area councils update the key objectives of different areas, make several improvement and development proposals, and implement various projects related to housing, traffic arrangements, and services in collaboration with the city. The activities of the councils have been found to be quite necessary and effective by the city of Lappeenranta.

The composition of the area councils includes active residents, resident associations, organizations, and businesses according to the wishes and characteristics of each area. The starting point is that different actors in the area would have representation in the council. The operation of the councils is based on voluntarism, so new active participants are warmly welcomed.

The task of the area council is to gather the voices, thoughts, and ideas of the residents, resident associations, and stakeholders of a specific area and advance them together on a broad front.

Area councils do not have legal authority. City employees act as secretaries for the area councils. Through the organized resident activities by the councils and the city, residents have gained a new opportunity to influence and contact officials and decision-makers.

If you would like to learn more about the activities of the area councils or are interested in joining, please contact:

Participation Coordinator Pia Pulliainen
Phone: 040 5494 740, pia.pulliainen@lappeenranta.fi


General information about elections held in Finland can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice