Physical activity counselling

Physical activity counselling is a free service intended for municipal residents who exercise a little or not at all. Its aim is to encourage and guide the customer towards a more physically active lifestyle. In addition to physical activity, attention is also paid to nutrition and sleep in the personal exercise counselling process. Physical activity counselling is intended for people of all ages. You can book an appointment for a child, a young person, an adult or a senior.

You can also receive exercise advice remotely or by phone. You can also be referred to counselling on the recommendation of nurses, doctors or well-being coaches or book an appointment for exercise counselling yourself.

Physical activity counselling is supported by various benefit cards for sports: 
BMI card for adults
TSEMPPI card for children under 18 years of age
Swimming and gym card for special groups
Senior card 65+
Link to Criteria-based exercise cards


Children, young people and families

Physical activity counselling for children and families is intended for children and families who need tips on exercise and well-being as well as help with everyday challenges.

Physical activity counselling for young people is a free service for young people who need tips on exercise, sports and well-being as well as help with everyday challenges.

People of working age

Physical activity counselling for people of working age is intended for those who need support for starting exercise or for increasing and diversifying physical activity. The exercise goals are planned according to your needs. You have the opportunity to commit to a free consultation period of 6–12 months.

Physical activity counselling is also available for women planning to become pregnant as well as for women during and after pregnancy.


Physical activity counselling for seniors is intended for municipal residents aged over 65 to develop and maintain their functional capacity.

Integrative exercise counselling

Physical activity counselling in simple Finnish or a foreign language helps with questions related to exercise, daily physical activity and sports hobbies if your native language is not Finnish. The service languages are Finnish and English. We also use interpreters for questions related to health-promoting exercise. Ask about the possibility of interpretation into your native language.

Adapted physical activity counselling

Adapted physical activity counselling is aimed at municipal residents whose exercise requires adaptation due to, for example, disability, illness or other weakened functional capacity. At physical activity counselling, we look for ways to adapt different sports to suit you.

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