InBody measurement

InBody measurements, sports services

The InBody body composition measurement is made easily and without sweating, in everyday clothing with bare feet. 

The test determines the amount of body fluids, the quantity and segmentation of muscle and the amount of visceral fat.

The test lasts for a few minutes, after which the test feedback is given. 

The test is carried out by sports instructors from the sports services.
The test site is the Lappeenranta Sports Centre.

The test fee is €27.50/person.
The payment can be made at the time of booking or at the swimming hall’s cash desk before the measurement.

Preparing for the InBody test

To obtain a reliable measurement result, make sure to
• avoid eating or drinking for about two hours before the measurement
• avoid drinking alcohol for two days before the measurement
• avoid intense physical exertion for 12 hours before the measurement
• avoid the use of dehydrants (e.g. coffee) before the test or diuretics on the day before the measurement
• empty the bladder about half an hour before the measurement
• avoid sauna on the day before the measurement.

The measurement cannot be performed if you are pregnant or use a pacemaker.

For more information, please contact:

Hanna Putkonen tel. +358 40 481 9399 or hanna.putkonen(at)lappeenranta.fi

Eveliina Nykänen tel. +358 40 829 6162 or eveliina.nykanen(at)lappeenranta.fi