Support in growth and learning in early childhood education

Early childhood education in Lappeenranta makes use of three levels of support. The three levels of support form a coherent continuum during early childhood education and when the child moves on to pre-primary education and school.

The starting points for the organisation of support are the child’s strengths and needs related to learning and development. Support is provided in the child’s own daycare centre group or family daycare group, within the child’s early childhood education hours, as part of the day-to-day early childhood education activities.

The child’s learning environment is adapted to suit the child, taking into account the child’s interests and support needs. Support for learning and development is built on responding to the child’s individual needs and on solutions related to community and learning environments.

Cooperation with the child, guardian, early childhood education teacher, special-needs teacher in early childhood education and other early childhood education staff is important in identifying the child’s need for support and in planning, implementing and assessing the support. Identifying the need for support and providing support are the responsibility of all staff members according to their educational background, job descriptions and responsibilities. In early childhood education, collaboration parties also include parties that support and examine the child’s development.

Support needed by the child is recorded in the child’s early childhood education plan by the daycare centre or family daycare provider.

Lappeenranta’s early childhood education plan describes in detail the support measures available for learning and development.


Please contact your child’s early childhood education special needs teacher, head of the daycare centre or family daycare coordinator for more information on the early childhood education support measures. The contact information can be found under the contact information for day care centres.

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