International activities

International activities support the implementation of the city's strategy. These activities focus on green development, combating climate change, circular economy, green technology, as well as tourism, and the city actively participates in international networks related to these themes.

For inquiries related to international affairs, please contact:

Päivi Pietiläinen Head of International Affairs
Email: paivi.pietilainen@lappeenranta.fi Phone: +358 40 770 2797

For matters concerning tourism, marketing, and customer service, reach out to:

Mirka Rahman Director of Tourism, Marketing, and Customer Service
Email: mirka.rahman@lappeenranta.fi Phone: +358 40 849 9161

Friends across the Globe

Sister City Agreements are official and public partnerships established between two cities, emphasizing bilateral exchange programs and collaboration. Sister city and municipality initiatives represent the oldest form of international cooperation among cities and municipalities and serve as its foundation.

Sister Cities of Lappeenranta:

  • Örebro, Sweden, since 1940.
  • Drammen, Norway, since 1948.
  • Kolding, Denmark, since 1948.
  • Stykkishólmur, Iceland, since 1980.
  • Szombathely, Hungary, since 1983.
  • Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, since 1985.
  • Rakvere, Estonia, since 1994.
  • Chernihiv, Ukraine, since 2023.