Early childhood education

Parents of children under school age have a statutory right to choose between the following options for organising child care:

  • caring for the children at home. If the family has a child under 3 years of age, the family may receive child home care allowance.
  • early childhood education place arranged by the municipality
  • organising early childhood education with the help of a private daycare allowance or a service voucher

Application for municipal early childhood education places is open year-round

Apply to municipal early childhood education at least four months before your child needs early childhood education. However, if the need is due to employment, studies or training and the start date is not predictable, apply for an early childhood education place as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before your child needs it. Apply for a daycare place through the eDaisy online service of the City of Lappeenranta.

eDaisy service

You can submit applications for early childhood education and pre-primary education in eDaisy. You can also use eDaisy to report changes, such as change of hour bracket, change of address and family size, or to request a change of daycare place. You can also give notice of terminating an early childhood education place in eDaisy. You can also submit an income statement in the eDaisy service.

DaisyFamily new user login with strong authentication

A new DaisyFamily user who logs in the first time must use strong authentication (which is usually used by municipalities).

1. Select “Strong authentication” or “Logging into Daisy for the first time? Log in here.”
2. Identify yourself with Mobile ID or online banking credentials.
3. The program will guide you to set a password.
4. You can see your username at the top of the DaisyFamily side menu under your name.
On subsequent visits, you can log in to DaisyFamily with your username and password, or with strong authentication if you wish.

Note! If you forget your password or username, you can log in with strong authentication to set a new password and check your username

Service coordinators give advice

Service coordinators of early childhood education give parents information about all early childhood education services organised by the City of Lappeenranta. Parents/guardians can ask for advice even before submitting an application. Together with the family, the service coordinator considers what kind of early childhood education service would best meet the needs of the child and the family at that moment.

The service coordinator receives and processes all new early childhood education applications seeking a place in a daycare centre or family daycare. For applications submitted in spring where the need for early childhood education starts in August–October, the daycare centre manager or the family daycare coordinator will contact you about a month before the start of the need for a daycare place. Agree with the manager on an introductory visit and other practical arrangements.

Customer fee secretaries continue to advise families in payment matters.

You can contact the service coordinator by phone or email:
tel. +358 40 621 2488
email: palveluohjausvaka(at)edu.lappeenranta.fi

Advice regarding private daycare centres (Touhula Tirilä, Touhula Lappeenranta campus, Tirikka daycare centre, Steiner daycare centre Tontuntupa, Omenapuu daycare centre, Pilke Kuutti and Pilke Norppa) is provided by Anu Lindgren-Kilpiä, the coordinator of private daycare centres, tel. +358 40 523 4524.