Children's parliament

The Children’s Parliament of Lappeenranta is an influencing channel for primary school pupils in Lappeenranta. The Children’s Parliament takes a stand on matters concerning children, makes proposals, gives opinions and acts as a mouthpiece for children in the City of Lappeenranta.

The Children’s Parliament of Lappeenranta is composed of representatives elected by schools’ student bodies. Every school has the opportunity to nominate a representative and a deputy representative to the Children’s Parliament. The representatives meet approximately once a month at the Board meetings of the Children’s Parliament. In spring, a general meeting of the Children’s Parliament of Lappeenranta is held in April–May, which can be attended by the representatives and deputy representatives of schools.

The activities of the Children’s Parliament of Lappeenranta are coordinated by Lappeenranta youth services.

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A primary school pupil in Lappeenranta who has been nominated by the coordinating teacher can participate in the activities of the Children’s Parliament.

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The service is free of charge.

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Riitta Korhonen
Riitta Korhonen

Digital and participation worker