Special-needs education in general upper secondary education

Special-needs education is a service available to a general upper secondary school student when, due to linguistic difficulties or other learning difficulties, the student needs support for learning – or if, for some reason, general upper secondary school studies do not go as well as the student wants. Special-needs education in general upper secondary schools is primarily pedagogical support aimed at developing learning skills, finding one’s own learning style and strengthening one’s self-esteem as a learner.

Special-needs education is part of the school’s teaching and student welfare. The special-needs teacher cooperates with other teachers in matters related to the teaching and learning of the student in need of support. When necessary, cooperation with student welfare services is carried out in supporting the student’s well-being and ability to cope. The purpose of the support for learning and studying is to help students to complete their general upper secondary school studies. The support is arranged taking into account the different starting points, strengths and development needs of the students.

The identification of the need for support can be based on the information obtained from basic education at the transitional phase or the assessment of the need for support by the student, guardian, teachers or student welfare staff. In addition, different methods can be used to assess the need for support, such as initial screening or self-assessments. Based on the screening results or the difficulties encountered in studying, the student’s possible reading and writing difficulty can be investigated in more detail by individual testing with a special-needs teacher. If necessary, the special-needs teacher can refer the student to further investigations. A pedagogical support plan can be prepared for the student.

The student’s need for special arrangements in the matriculation examination tests is assessed based on the support that the student has needed during general upper secondary school. The student applies for special arrangements for the matriculation examination separately from the matriculation examination board. The special-needs teacher guides you in obtaining the necessary statements.

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You can contact the special-needs teacher at your upper secondary school directly. The contact details can be found in Wilma.

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The service is free of charge.