Ohjaamo group activities

We offer group activities suitable for many needs at Ohjaamo. At Ohjaamo, we have two hobby workshops, a graffiti workshop and a band workshop. You can participate in the workshops when it best suits you. You do not need to register in advance or commit to attending every time.

Once a month, Ohjaamo organises a morning coffee gathering and an evening at Ohjaamo, both with a wellness theme. Below you can see the dates.

26 January: Morning coffee 2 February: Wellness evening 23 February: Morning coffee 2 March: Wellness evening 23 March: Morning coffee 4 May: Wellness evening

Ohjaamo organises groups for nervous people. If you feel that being nervous is controlling your life too much, then this group might be right thing for you. In the group, you get to learn different ways to reduce nervousness and learn the things that cause nervousness.

The Onni project of Ohjaamo guidance centres organises various free and open and closed groups related to well-being, nervousness and neuropsychologic challenges, such as ADHD or autism.

Use the service


The activities are intended for people under 30 years of age.


You can participate in Ohjaamo’s hobby workshops, morning coffee gatherings and wellness evenings without registration.

If you are interested in participating in the nervousness group, you can contact Ohjaamo and enquire about the next starting group.

The online groups of the Onni work of Ohjaamo guidance centres meet on Discord or Teams. Some of the Onni groups are closed, which means that advance registration is required. You can ask more about the Onni groups at Ohjaamo. Please note that the Onni groups are nationwide.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.