Decision making

From 2021 to 2025, the highest decision-making authority in the city of Lappeenranta is exercised by a 51-member City Council, whose members are elected every four years in municipal elections. The council selects representatives for the city board and committees. The current council's term began on August 1, 2021.

The City Board is responsible for the management and development of the city in accordance with the goals, plans, and decisions set by the council.

During the 2021–2025 council term, there are a total of nine committees. The Local Authority Audit Committee is directly subordinate to the City Council. The other committees are subordinate to the City Board.

The City Council

The City Council decides on Lappeenranta's strategy, key operational and financial objectives, and approves the City’s financial statements.

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The City Board

  • The tasks of the City Board are regulated by the Local Government Act. Additionally, the tasks of the City Board include:
  • Taking care of the general development of the municipality and regional advocacy, and making proposals in all areas of municipal operations that it deems necessary and in the best interests of the municipality.
  • Leading and supervising urban planning.
  • Ensuring that the municipality's committees, boards, working groups, and employees implement the municipality's development goals, perform their duties in accordance with applicable regulations and directives, and act in the best interests of the municipality.
  • Presenting to the council, by no later than March, a list of initiatives proposed by municipal members that are to be decided upon by the council by the end of the previous calendar year.
  • Providing general guidelines for the management of the municipality's public relations activities.

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In Lappeenranta, there are nine committees:

  • Auditing Committee
  • Building Committee
  • Central Election Committee
  • Children and Youth Committee
  • Culture and Sports Committee
  • Lappeenranta Region Environmental Committee
  • South Karelian Waste Management Committee
  • Urban Development Committee
  • Public Transport Committee of the Lappeenranta Region

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The agendas and minutes

The agendas and minutes of the City Council, City Board, and committees are available for viewing in Finnish through the online service: https://kuntamfiles.saita.fi/kokoukset/lappeenranta