PUBLISHED 5/28/2024, 15:55

European Commission recognises five Finnish cities’ climate work – Espoo, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tampere and Turku set example for European cities

In March, the European Commission awarded the cities of Espoo, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Tampere and Turku the prestigious EU Mission Label in recognition of their systematic work to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The Climate-Neutral Europe is Made Together event, held on 28 May in Espoo, brought together the key makers of the carbon-neutral cities at local, national and EU level. The cities emphasise the growing importance of the green transition for success in climate work, along with close cooperation with companies, research and communities.

PUBLISHED 5/21/2024, 10:29

The Dream Corner will continue in autumn 2024

Do you want to bring culture- and art activities to the Dream Corner in IsoKristiina?