Lappeenranta 375th Anniversary

Tapahtumayleisöä satamassa.

The city of Lappeenranta turns 375 this year, and in honor of this milestone, residents of Lappeenranta and tourists alike will have the opportunity to enjoy a month-long program of celebration weeks throughout August.

During the celebration weeks, we proudly showcase Lappeenranta's traditions, local expertise, and the spirit of collaboration among Lappeenranta residents. We organize these celebration weeks in collaboration with our partners.

Program Highlights:

August 3rd–4th: The Strongest Man and Woman Competition (Suomen Vahvin Mies ja Nainen -kilpailu)

Finland's strongest men and women will compete for this year's titles at Katariina Square. Learn more about the event format on the organizer's website.

August 7th: RakuunaRock

Featuring familiar faces, especially for Lappeenranta residents: Jouni Hynynen from Kotiteollisuus and Antti Hyyrynen from Stam1na will perform at the harbor square.

More information coming soon.

August 10th: LPR375 Celebration Day

The main day of the 375th anniversary celebrations will be held on August 10th in the fortress. The celebration day's program is designed with the idea that everyone will find something of interest – there's something for everyone.

The program includes plenty of dance, theater, and performances by well-known artists such as Kolmas Nainen, Isaac Sene, and local talent Nuppu Oinas.

Explore the full program by clicking here!

August 11th: Movie Day

In honor of the celebration weeks, Lappeenranta the Dream Year of Culture will offer three free film screenings on August 11th at the festival tent in the fortress.

More information coming soon.

August 14th–18th: Kumaus Festival

This unique festival, offering surprises in art music and entertaining music lovers, will take place from August 14th–18th. Learn more about the festival on its website.

August 15th: Marianne Day

Honoring the traditions of Finland's candy capital, Marianne's birthday celebration will take place in Pusupuisto. The event offers sweet treats for the whole family. In collaboration with Fazer, there will be programs throughout Pusupuisto and on the summer theater stage. The event will also feature food vendors and café services reminiscent of Restaurant Day.

The event is part of Lappeenranta the Dream Year of Culture. More information about the event coming soon.

August 15th–16th: Lappeenranta Wine Festival

More information on the event's website.

August 17th: LPRHC Fest – The Last Pit!

The LPRHC Fest, focusing on punk, hardcore, and alternative music and enjoying nationwide popularity, will be held this year as a one-day event on August 17th in the fortress. The program will feature a mix of punk, hardcore, spoken word, and small surprises, including a comeback performance by the local legend Kyre & Duunarit.

More information on the event's website.

August 30th–31st: Harbor Lights

The celebration weeks will conclude with the familiar summer closing event, Harbor Lights, which will be held for two days instead of one on August 30th–31st.

More information coming soon.

Further information

Riikka Hjelt, Event Production Coordinator
tel. + 358 (0)40 669 3767, riikka.hjelt@lappeenranta.fi