Animal welfare

Supervision in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act is carried out by the municipality and government authorities, such as the police. The supervising veterinarian of Lappeenranta Region’s Environmental Office, together with municipal veterinarians, monitors that animals are cared for, treated and transported in accordance with animal welfare regulations.

The animal welfare authority has the right to carry out an animal welfare inspection based on suspicion, if there is reason to suspect that an animal is being cared for or treated in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. The follow-up measures to the inspection are determined by the seriousness of the violations. As a rule, animal welfare inspections based on suspicion are carried out unannounced. In connection with animal welfare inspections, the information of the notifier is not disclosed.

The authorities carry out inspections in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act even without any suspicion. Inspections are carried out annually in accordance with the monitoring plan, for example at professional animal premises.


File an animal welfare notification if you have discovered or suspect, based on what you have seen, behaviour in violation with the Animal Welfare Act.

In Lappeenranta, Lemi, Luumäki, Savitaipale and Taipalsaari, you can file a notification of a mistreated animal by telephone during office hours (weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00) to the supervising veterinarian or by e-mail to the Environmental Office’s registry.

Outside office hours and on weekends, file a notification of an urgent animal welfare matter to the on-call veterinarian or the police.

Information required for the notification: – State as precisely as possible which animal is involved and what is of concern in the situation of the animal. – Notifier’s name (information about the notifier will not be disclosed to the object of the notification). – Telephone number and email address of the notifier (for any additional information). – Object of the notification (owner or holder of the animal) and their exact address.

Barking dogs or other environmental disturbances are usually not cases of animal welfare and are not subject to the Animal Welfare Act. In case of a barking dog or other disturbance, try to resolve it yourself with the cause of the disturbance or with the housing company. Report a violation of the Public Order Act or violence against an animal to the police.

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