Matriculation examination

A national matriculation examination is organised as part of general upper secondary education. Completion of the matriculation examination can be divided into up to three consecutive examination periods. The matriculation examination is held twice a year, in spring and autumn. The matriculation examination consists of a minimum of five tests. One of them is the candidate’s mother tongue, and the other tests are chosen from among the second national language, foreign languages, mathematics and humanities and natural sciences. (New regulations as of spring 2022.) The matriculation examination provides general eligibility for Finnish higher education institutions and is also used as part of these institutions’ student selection. The matriculation examination also provides good opportunities to apply to foreign universities and other higher education institutions.

www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi/en The fees for the matriculation examination can be found at www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi/ylioppilastutkinto/tutkintomaksut.


Students enrol for the matriculation examination in accordance with the guidelines of their upper secondary schools. Students are informed about the enrolment through Wilma. Those who wish to retake tests or supplement the examination can get instructions from the secretaries of their upper secondary schools.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

Free for those included in compulsory education (completing its syllabus on and after 1 January 2021). Retaking tests and supplementing the examination after passing it is subject to a fee. Subject to a fee for those not included in compulsory education, those retaking tests and those supplementing the examination. The fee for checking a matriculation examination test by a private student is €47 per test. The fee is not charged for tests of the examination period immediately after graduation.

Service background and legislation