Hobby Hop – Exploring Hobbies in Lappeenranta highlights hobby opportunities

PUBLISHED 4/8/2024, 12:13

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As part of Lappeenranta´s The Dream Year of Culture 2024, the Hobby Hop – Exploring Hobbies in Lappeenranta event will take place on the 18th of April from 14 pm to 16 pm in the City Hall and Council Chamber in cooperation with the NordConnect Project. The event will be held in English. The event will bring together various cultural and sporting operators to present hobbies and activities in Lappeenranta.

NordConnect aims to support the integration of imigrants and encourage entrepreneurship, deepen community spirit and promote intercultural dialogue.

“Lappeenranta's The Dream Year of Culture 2024 - Inclusion and well-being for the townspeople of Lappeenranta aims to increase the appreciation and visibility of culture, and to enable inclusion and well-being through culture. We want to work together to promote diversity and provide an opportunity to explore the hobby possibilities in Lappeenranta," says Anni Pellikka, project coordinator of The Dream Year of Culture.

“We invite everyone to join us and discover new hobby opportunities! From creative arts to sports, there is something for everyone. Whether you are new to Lappeenranta or a local resident, come and discover the rich tapestry of hobbies and activities Lappeenranta has to offer," adds Pellikka.

The event is aimed at all ages, adults, children and families.


Lappeenranta City Hall (aula 01 floor)

  • 14.00–15.00 Hobbies in Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta City Hall (Valtuustosali)

·       15.00 Culture Director Anu Talka: Opening of the event

·       15.10 Project Coordinator Anni Pellikka: Lappeenranta´s Dream Year of Culture 2024

·       15.20 Project Manager Rozabela Singh: Introducing NordConnect, building bridges and empowering immigrants - let's connect to continue making a difference together!

·       15.30 Project Coorninator Oona Roisko: The Model of Hobbies in Finland15.40 Coordinator Anita Pölönen: Summertime Activities and Upcoming Events in Lappeenranta

Further information:

Project coordinator Anni Pellikka
tel. 040 559 0710