Lappeenranta's Dream Year of Culture 2024 brings graffiti art to Skinnarila school

PUBLISHED 4/5/2024, 11:15

Blue graffiti on a wall.

As part of Lappeenranta's Dream Year of Culture 2024, graffiti Workshops will be held at the Skinnarila school from 3.6.-7.6.2024, daily from 12:00 to 14:00. The workshops are open for everyone interested in graffiti. Participants will have the opportunity to paint graffiti outdoors on an authorized site, at the old Skinnarila school, located at Ostosraitti 3. You can join as a complete beginner or as an experienced artist. The Graffiti Workshops are free for participants and 10 participants included in the group. The workshops will be led by instructor Santtu Tuomola. Pre-registrations are accepted until May 31st, by the project coordinator Anni Pellikka at anni.pellikka@lappeenranta.fi or by calling 040 5590710.

After the workshops, the Skinnarila school building will become a free space for everyone to create graffiti art until the building is demolished. The graffiti art project is carried out in cooperation with Lappeenranta's Urban Planning and Cultural Services and it is part of Lappeenranta's Dream Year of Culture 2024. The project aims to engage and provide residents with the opportunity to create art as part of their cultural environment.

Opportunities for creating graffiti art will open up on the facades of the Skinnarila school building. Graffiti may only be executed on the facades of this particular building. Painting or otherwise damaging other properties is not permitted (Criminal Law, chapter 35, about Damage to Property). The graffiti artworks must be decent and conform to good manners. To the Dream Year of Culture, the principles of Safer Space are followed in related events.

Additional information:

Lappeenranta's Dream Year of Culture 2024
Project Coordinator Anni Pellikka
Tel: 040 5590710

Picture: Santtu Tuomola