Ice skating areas and rinks

Lappeenranta Sports Department maintains the artificial ice skating tracks of Kimpinen, Voisalmi, Kisapuisto and Joutseno, as well as several natural ice skating areas and rinks. In addition to these, village associations and other organisations maintain ice skating areas in less populated areas. In winter, sports fields are frozen for ice skating, the weather permitting.

The ice skating areas and rinks are available to everyone, but the rinks have some reservations in evenings and at weekends. You can check reservations in WebTimmi.


You can check the maintenance status of ice skating areas in the maintenance application. The latest update information is valid until a new update is made.

Even after the changing rooms close, the ice skating areas have lights on until 21.00, so they can be used even when the changing rooms are not available. Due to vandalism, the changing rooms cannot be kept open unless there is staff on site.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.