Ski trails

The ski trail network in Lappeenranta covers several hundred kilometres around the city limits. The cross-country ski trail network includes 75 km of trails, illuminated and not. The artificial snow ski trail in Huhtiniemi is the first one made ready for skiing in late autumn. Ski trails are groomed on frozen lake ice in Kaupunginlahti and Pallonlahti once the ice and snow situation permits.

The Sports Department maintains the ski trail network in urban areas, and village communities maintain the ski trails in other areas.

You can check the maintenance status of the ski trails in the maintenance application. The latest update information is valid until a new update is made.


The ski trail network is open to all and free of charge. Do not walk on ski trails.


You can check the current maintenance status in the e-services.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.