Private road allowances, the city as a member of a road maintenance association

Private road

Private roads are maintained by property owners and other members of the road maintenance association.

Private road maintenance obligation

Members of the road maintenance association are obliged to contribute to the maintenance of the road in accordance with the benefit that the road brings for each of them. Road maintenance includes summer and winter maintenance as well as other maintenance or fundamental improvement work.

Maintenance and fundamental improvement allowance

The City Development Committee grants maintenance and fundamental improvement allowances to organised access roads to permanent housing that have submitted their applications within the set deadline within the limits of the current appropriation, divided according to the number of kilometres of private road currently eligible for allowance, €/km.

Sending the invitations to the meetings of road maintenance associations

By e-mail: kimi.asiakaspalvelu@lappeenranta.fi Paper-format invitations: City of Lappeenranta, Land property management, P.O. Box 38, 53101 Lappeenranta

Invoices for unit and usage fees for private roads

City of Lappeenranta, Land property management, P.O. Box 254, 00026 Basware E-invoice address 003701621933, operator Basware Corporation, operator ID BAWCFI22 saita.4@bscs.basware.com (only invoice in PDF format as email attachment)


General prerequisites for the allowances

• A road maintenance association must have been established for the private road, and the association must be active and comply with the Private Roads Act. • Information on the private road must be up to date in the National Land Survey of Finland’s private road register and in the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s road and street database. • There must be permanent housing near the private road. Permanent housing means that real estate tax for permanent housing is paid for the housing and the resident’s permanent address is on the property in question. • The private road must be an access road for permanent residents or be of considerable traffic importance in the locality or be used for other traffic than just for the benefit of the members of the road maintenance association (scheduled traffic). • The minimum length of a private road is 200 m. The length of the road is determined by permanent housing. • The structure of the private road must be such that normal maintenance work can be carried out. • Supported roads or parts of roads do not include forest roads, farm roads or roads or parts of roads leading to properties with no permanent housing. Exceptions include routes used by school transport and other important connections in the road network. For these, the allowance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. • The traffic importance, location and nature of the private road have an impact on the granting of allowances.


Applying for private road allowances

• Private road allowances can be applied for once a year. The application period is at the beginning of the year, and the public notice will be published in the local newspaper. • Private road allowance can be applied for through the electronic search service, which can be found at the e-services link of this website.

Information desk

• For questions related to allowances, please contact the service point given on this website.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

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