Building permit surveying

Staking out a building

Normally, staking out a building and marking its altitude is made before starting construction if the Building Supervision Department has required it in the permit conditions. We stake out the building at the customer’s order after the building permit is valid. We can also perform a preliminary staking out before the building permit enters into force. In this case, however, it is required that the building permit be pending and we be provided with the same layout plan that you have submitted to the Building Supervision Department for the permit process.

Location review of a building

We will perform a location review of the building site at the earliest when the corners of the building’s plinth are visible and some point of the plinth is in its upper surface. The purpose of the location review is to verify that the location of the building is in accordance with the confirmed drawings.

Use the service


• The building permit must be pending or approved. • The conditions of the building permit must include staking out and location review. • Staking out can also be carried out without a permit condition, as separate billable work (see charges).


You can order the measurements related to the building permit at the service location given on this website. Please contact us in good time and leave the following information when ordering: • The number of the building permit, which is of the format “municipality code - year number in which the permit was applied for - running sequence number”, for example 405-2023-001. You can find the building permit number in the e-permit service or in the building permit documents. • Property identifier or address information for the construction site. • Necessary information about the construction project schedule. For staking out the building, information on the time of casting of the sensors will help us, and for the location review, information on whether the building’s frame or roof structures have already begun to be built will help us. • Any exemption requests. Usually, a building is staked out after the earth moving work for the building has been done, but in some cases, it is better for the customer to have the building staked out already in connection with tree felling, for example. • Contact information for further questions.

Payment information

A fee is charged for the service.

Unless otherwise agreed, all surveying and mapping services are subject to a fee. Review surveys under the terms of the building permit are invoiced in connection with the building permit.

Service background and legislation