Service guidance for early childhood education

Lappeenranta’s early childhood education services employ a service coordinator, who receives and processes all new early childhood education place applications for daycare centres and family daycare. In addition, the duties of the service coordinator include customer guidance, assessment of families’ service needs and coordination of services. It is the task of the service coordinator to provide parents with information about all early childhood education services arranged by the City of Lappeenranta.

Parents can ask the service coordinator questions related to early childhood education even before submitting an application. Together with the family, the service coordinator considers what kind of early childhood education service would suit the needs of the child and family at that time. The service coordinator contacts the family as soon as the application has arrived. The service coordinator also informs the family of other important practices related to starting early childhood education.

In the case of applications submitted in spring where the need for an early childhood education place starts in August–October, the head of the daycare centre or family daycare coordinator contacts the family about a month before the daycare place is needed. Familiarisation visits and other practical arrangements are agreed at that time.

Early childhood education client fee secretaries provide advice to families in payment matters.


Shift care or round-the-clock care is provided only to children who need it due to their guardians’ work or studies. The service coordinator asks guardians for proof of shift work when applying for an early childhood education place.


You can contact the service coordinator by phone or email. The service coordinator provides information on all early childhood education services arranged by the City of Lappeenranta and guides you in preparing the early childhood education application.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.