Objection about the operations of early childhood education

According to the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care, a child’s parent or other person who has custody of the child who is dissatisfied with the quality of early childhood education and care or treatment associated with it has the right to submit an objection about the operations to the head of an early education centre in charge of operations, to a person in charge of a site or to a senior officeholder of early childhood education and care. Furthermore, making an objection does not have any effect on the right to file a complaint on the case to the supervisory authorities.


If you are dissatisfied with the provided early childhood education services or have any comments about it, always talk to the head of the day care centre or family day care coordinator first. If things cannot be resolved through discussions, you can contact the social and patient ombudsman. The social ombudsman can assist you in submitting an objection if necessary. As a rule, prepare an objection always in writing. Send the objection by post to the following address: City of Lappeenranta, P.O. Box 11, FI-53101 Lappeenranta, from where it will be sorted to the correct recipients for further processing.

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