Completion of compulsory basic education

Compulsory basic education

Compulsory education aims to ensure that everyone has the necessary basic skills and education in life and in society as well as to promote equal opportunities to develop themselves based on their abilities and needs. Compulsory education begins the year your child turns seven. Compulsory education ends when your child turns 18 or completes a vocational qualification or a matriculation examination.

According to the Basic Education Act, a pupil must attend basic education or otherwise obtain knowledge corresponding to the basic education syllabus. All children of compulsory school age living in Lappeenranta have the right to attend free basic education organised by the city.

According to the Basic Education Act, a pupil shall attend basic education unless he or she has been temporarily exempted for a special reason. The obligation applies to all instruction under basic education as well as other activities in accordance with the school’s work plan. The law obliges the school to monitor the student’s absences and report unauthorised absences to the student’s guardian. According to the law, you, as a guardian, are responsible for the completion of your child’s compulsory education.

End of basic education

According to the Basic Education Act, basic education ends when the basic education syllabus has been completed or, at the latest, at the end of the school year in the calendar year in which your child turns 17. After that, your child must apply for upper secondary education at a general upper secondary school or a vocational institution. Upper secondary studies are free for students starting in autumn 2021 and thereafter. Free education ends when the student has completed upper secondary education or reaches the age of 20.


It is your responsibility as a guardian to ensure that your child applies for studies after basic education and completes their compulsory education. Comprehensive schools are obliged to provide pupils with guidance. School counsellors help and advise.

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