Individualised syllabus in basic education

As a pupil in basic education, your child has the right to receive support for their learning. The aim is primarily to provide support measures to help pupils achieve the objectives of the general curriculum. Support measures include e.g. remedial education, part-time special-needs education and differentiation. If studying a certain subject is particularly difficult, specific focus areas can be determined for your child. In this case, the teacher will determine the key content of the subject in the education plan, on which the teaching will focus.

A syllabus may be individualised if the pupil fails to complete the syllabus even with the help of support measures. Individualising the syllabus of a certain subject means determining a goal level for learning in accordance with your child’s skills. This may affect future studies.

In the city of Lappeenranta, the decision to individualise a syllabus is made by the headmaster of your child’s school in connection with the decision on special-needs support. The decision is preceded by a multi-professional pedagogical report compiled by a special-needs teacher and your child’s teacher. The pedagogical report contains separate grounds for individualisation for each subject.

The objectives and content of the individualised syllabus are derived from the general objectives and content of the grade’s syllabus of the subject. The objectives and content of lower grades can also be applied. They are described clearly enough and in detail in the IEP (Individual Education Plan). If your child is studying according to an individualised syllabus, the number mark and verbal evaluation of the individualised subject will be followed by an asterisk (*). The Additional information section of the school report shall mention that the pupil has studied the subjects marked with an asterisk according to individualised syllabi.

Individualising a syllabus is the preferred option before exempting the pupil from completing the syllabus. The grounds for exempting a pupil from studying a syllabus must be particularly weighty, and exemption is based on individual consideration for each pupil.

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Individualising a syllabus is only possible when the pupil receives special-needs support.

A pedagogical assessement of the pupil's school work, including an analysis on the need for special support, must be carried out before a decision on the individualisation of the syllabus can be made. Individualisation is also based on a psychologist’s statement.


Contact your child’s teacher or the school’s special-needs teacher for more information on syllabus individualisation. The contact information is available in Wilma.

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Service background and legislation

A basic education syllabus may be individualised if a pupil does not have the capabilities for acceptably completing the basic education syllabus in the subject. The learning objectives must be suitable and sufficiently challenging for the pupil.

The individualisation of a syllabus is prescribed separately for each subject in a decision on special support . The decision on individualisation will be examined in each situation and modified if necessary.