Instruction of native languages

Your child can receive instruction that maintains their mother tongue, language spoken at home and foreign languages acquired abroad on the basis of an application. A group is set up if there are at least 5 applications and a suitable teacher for the group is available.

Use the service


You will receive enrolment instructions at the beginning of each academic year via Wilma. For more information, contact your school’s headmaster.

Payment information

The service is free of charge.

The instruction is free. The pupils’ parents are responsible for providing transport, if necessary, and for the costs of transport and learning materials.

Service background and legislation

Depending on their municipalities of residence, pupils with an immigrant background may receive instruction of their native language, but this is not a statutory right.

The pupil may participate in studies of one native language. Pupils who are Finnish returnees or children adopted from abroad may participate in this instruction to maintain their proficiency in a foreign language learned abroad. Typically, two hours a week of this instruction is provided, and the lessons take place after usual school hours.